Inviting Members' Friends to Participate in Contests!

Members' friends can participate in contests too! 

For a friend of a member to participate in the contest they must become a Rewards Hub member themselves. They will be added as a new Lead.
There are 3 ways they can become a New Lead in the Rewards Hub
  1. A staff member can manually create the friend as a Lead. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this can be found here.  

  2. After participating in certain contests, a member creates a post about it on their Facebook Timeline. If their friend clicks on this post, they will be sent to the Rewards Hub for your practice, where they'll be able to create their own Lead profile.

  3. A friend can be invited via the Refer-A-Friend option inside the Rewards Hub. Instructions on how a member uses the Refer-A-Friend feature can be found here.
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