Deleting and Un-Deleting Members


Ever deleted a user from your Hub, only to later wish their account could be resurrected? Well, have no fear! You can bring back deleted user account in just a few clicks.

Deleting a user

If there is a member who is no longer actively attending your business, you can choose to delete this meber's file.  Simply access their file, and click “Delete Patient” underneath their photo.

A confirmation message will pop up; click “Ok” to confirm.

Un-deleting a user

If there is a user that has previously been deleted from your page that you would like to reinstate, you don’t have to start over from the beginning!

Simply click on the “Find” button in the Navigation Bar to access the Advanced Search field.

Type in the user's first and last name and change the User Status to “Deleted,” then click "Submit."

After clicking “Submit,” you should see their file appear.

Click their name to jump to their original profile page.

A message entitled “Patient Has Been Deleted” will pop up.  Click “Reactivate” to un-delete this user’s file.

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