Enabling Javascript

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Customer Success Advisor
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Using the Rewards Hub requires Javascript to be enabled on your web browser. If not enabled, you will see the following screen:

To fix this, you will have to open your browser's settings and make this quick change.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click the gear on the right-hand side of the page, and select  Internet Options   from the dropdown menu.


In the Internet Options window, click the  Security   tab and click the  Custom level   button.

In this  Security Settings - Internet Zone   window, scroll down to the  Scripting   bullet point. Under  Active Scripting , make sure that " Enable " or " Enable - OFF " is selected. Click  OK   when finished.

Click  Apply   to save your changes.


Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, click the wrench in the upper right-hand side of your page, and select  Settings   from the dropdown menu.

On this  Settings   page, click  Show Advanced Settings   at the bottom of the page.

Scroll down to the  Privacy   section and click the  Content settings...   button.

Under the  Javascript   section, make sure the button labeled  Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)  is selected, and click  OK .


In Firefox, click the orange  Firefox   box in the upper-left hand corner of your page, place your cursor over  Options , and select  Options   from that dropdown menu.

In this  Options   screen, click the  Content   tab. Check the box that says  Enable Javascript   and click  OK   to save the changes.


Click the gear in the upper-right hand corner of your screen, and select  Preferences   in the dropdown menu.

Select the  Security   tab, and check the box that says  Enable Javascript . Clicking the  red X   will save your changes.