Adding, Editing, and Removing Staff Members


Here you will find how to add, edit, or remove Staff Members from your hub.


Navigate to the Staff Page

Place your cursor over the Users tab at the top of your screen, and click on Staff in the drop-down menu.


Adding a New Staff Member

Click the Add Staff button.

This will take you to the New Staff page where you can enter your staff member's: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Role
  • Admin Status (if applicable)
  • Username
  • Password


**Note** Admins must have email addresses. Email addresses are not required for staff users, however, please note that if you do not collect their email address, they will not have the correct information to login to their profile for the first time.


Editing an Existing Staff Member

To edit a staff member, click on their name to jump into their account.

Click on the Edit Profile button to change the appropriate information within that staff member’s settings.

Here, you can add or update any information needed, including email addresses and "Admin" permissions.

If you ever need to update a staff member's tag, you can do so on their profile: 



Removing a Staff Member

To delete a Staff member, simply click the red X located next to the staff member’s name.

You will be prompted to answer “Are you sure you want to remove this staff?” within the popup window.

Click Yes if you are certain.


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