Adding a New Patient


Adding a new patient is a fast, simple process that only takes three steps. Let’s dive in!

Adding a New Patient

Jump to the "Add New Patient" Portal

Once you're logged into your staff or admin account in the Patient Rewards Hub, click on the Users tab, then select "Patients."

Click the blue button that says "Add New Patient."

The following page will appear:

Open a new patient account by either:

  • Swiping a brand new rewards card
  • Manually typing in the 16-digit username
  • Clicking "Skip Adding Card"

**Note** If you are a cardless practice, choose "Skip Adding Card."

Provide the Patient's Basic Information

On the Patient Information screen, you will have the chance to fill in the details for your new patient's account. Try to provide as much information as possible, as this will help with:

  • Contacting the patient in the future
  • Verifying their account ownership if they ever need a password reset
  • Streamlining the checkout process for redemptions

Be Sure to Save their Email

Because e-mail is the most effective way to keep your patients informed, make sure you get an e-mail address from your patient so that you can ensure they receive notifications from your practice. From this page, you can also choose which notifications get sent to the supplied e-mail address.

**Note** It is important to click the "Finish" button at the bottom of the New Patient Information Confirmation screen. If this button is not clicked, the patient will not be added to the system.

Add a Password
If you already swiped a card for your new patient, then congratulations! Their account is officially established, and they should be able to access it by simply keying in the username and temporary password on the back of their card.
If you did not swipe a card, then this is the last step you'll take before your patient can login on their own.
To add a password, click "Edit Profile" on the patient's profile page.
Add a password to the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields.
**Note** Your password must be at least 4 characters long, and should contain both letters and numbers. To make it easier for your patients to remember, try using their first name and the last four digits of their phone number. For example, this patient's password would be: jessica5555

Once you have entered the new password in both fields, click "Save."


Adding an Existing Patient

Sometimes, as you're adding a user, a pop-up will appear announcing that there is already a patient with the same name in your Patient Rewards Hub database.

If one of the profiles that appears is the one you're attempting to create, simply click the blue "Yes" button, and you will be taken right to their current profile!
And that's it!
Now that you've learned how to setup a New Patient account, check out these other articles for more information on how to help your new patients login:
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