Viewing Contest Participants and Selecting the Winner


Viewing Participants for an Active Contest

When you have a contest active and running, you can view the list of participants with ease!

Navigate to the Contests page.

Click “Contest History.”

View a contest’s entries by clicking the “View” button on the contest’s row.

If you have a multitude of responses, you can sort them using the drop-down menu.

Click “View Entry” to show the participant’s responses.

Click “Hide Entry” to return to the Entry List for this contest or “Back” to return to the Contest List.

Picking a Winner for a Finished Contest

When a contest closes, you will be prompted to pick a winner on the main Contest Page.

Click the “Pick a Winner” button.

Click “Pick Winner.”

The total points of each participant are shown here, but if you would like to see their actual responses, click “View Entry.”

Once you know who you will choose, go to that participant’s row and click “Pick as The Winner”.
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