Understanding the Refer-A-Friend Process


Here's a screen-by-screen demo of a member using the Refer-A-Friend feature.

To begin this process, the member will click on the "Earn Points" tab when they login to the Rewards Hub. 

Then they'll click Refer a Friend.

This will bring them to the main screen showing 3 options.

  1. Import Contacts from Google
  2. Import Contacts from Yahoo!
  3. Send a Message to a Friend
How to Automatically import Contacts from Google or Yahoo

When the member clicks either the Google or Yahoo button they will be presented with a pop-up window. The pop-up will ask the user to:

  1. Log into the account
  2. Authorize access to the email account's address book

**Note** If a previous user on the computer (such as a family member) left themselves logged into their Gmail or Yahoo! account the pop-up will go straight to the authorization step. This means that a member could authorize access to someone else's address book and invite unintended users to join the Hub.

Once logged in and authorized, the member will be presented with the of names of people whose email addresses were found in the Gmail or Yahoo account's address book. 

After selecting each of the contacts they want to invite to the Hub and filling in the Subject and Message boxes, they can complete the process by clicking send!


How to Send an Invitation a Friend

If the member chooses to send a message to one friend only, they can click on the third button: "Send a Message to a Friend." Here, they will be asked for basic information which will allow them to send off an individual referral.

You've seen how a member invites friends to the Hub. Next, check out what it looks on the other side: Receiving a Rewards Hub™referral

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