Updating a Member's Information


Navigate to your member's profile. (If you need help with this step, check out our article here.)

Three edit buttons (“Edit Profile,” “Edit Photo,” and “Edit Notifications”) will appear along the top. The next few sections of this article will describe what each of them can help you accomplish.


Edit Profile

Under this section, all basic information can be edited, including:

  • Name (First, Middle, and Last)
  • Home Address
  • Email address (Primary and Responsible Party)
  • Phone (Home and Cell)
  • Date of Birth
  • Group (i.e. Kids Club, Business Ambassador)
  • Password

Once you’ve updated their information, click the “Save” button.

Primary vs. Responsible Party Emails
Primary and Responsible Party emails have different functions in the Hub. 
Primary Email:
  • Can be used as an alternative username
  • Can only be used on one account at a time
  • Can receive Hub notifications

Responsible Party Email: 

  • Can NOT be used as an alternative username
  • Can be used on multiple accounts, even if it's used as a Primary Email in a profile already
  • Can receive Hub notifications

Edit Photo

You have two options for a photo on your member's file:

  • Upload Image
  • Choose Avatar

“Upload Image” allows you to choose any photo you want. Clicking “Browse” will take you to your computer’s hard drive to select a file to upload. Before you save the photo, you can choose to crop the photo if needed using the “Auto Cropping” or “Manual Cropping” options.

**Note** Selecting the “Auto Cropping” bullet will prompt the system to crop automatically.  Selecting the “Manual Cropping” button gives you more control.

Alternatively, you may click the "Choose Avatar" bullet to pull up an array of smiley-faces that you can choose from.

Once you are satisfied with your image/avatar, click the “Save” button. Your member's new photo will be displayed proudly for all to see!

Edit Notifications

Emailing your members is a great way to stay connected with them. From the “Edit Notifications” tab, you can check/uncheck the boxes to designate which notifications your member will receive.

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