Managing your Surveys


Surveys are a great way to get in touch with your members. And now the Rewards Hub makes it easier than ever to create, publish, and analyze surveys and your member's responses.


Surveys Dashboard

To begin, place your cursor on the "Manage" tab in the grey toolbar at the top of your screen.  Then, click "Surveys" in the dropdown menu.

This will take you to the Surveys Dashboard.  Here, you can see the status of all of your current surveys, including when the survey was created and how many responses the survey has received. 

Adding a Survey

To create a new survey, click on "+ Add New Survey" button from the Surveys Dashboard page.


Building your survey

All surveys have some common settings.  First is the "Question" field.  Every survey will ask a question of your members, and you will be able to choose the method by which the member answers this question. 

Start creating your survey by choosing the kind of survey you’d like to run:

  • Only one answer from a list of answers
  • More than one answer from a list of answers
  • Only one response from a user.

Then compose the list of answers you would like your members to choose from in the “Choices” section and decide whether you’d like your members to see the survey results as soon as they answer by checking (or not checking) the “Display Results” box.

If you would like to award points to your members for taking time to answer the survey, simply check the box labeled "Award Points" and specify the number of reward points the member will receive.

And finally, either “Save” your survey so that you can post it on a future date, or “Save and Publish” your survey so that it posts immediately.

**Note** Be sure that you are done making changes, because once a survey is published, it cannot be edited for any reason.


User Participation

Once a survey has been published, it will be made available to your members. They can participate in these surveys by first clicking the "Earn Points" tab

Then they can find the currently active surveys by clicking the "Take A Survey" button.

Alternatively, active surveys will occasionally appear to the side of the page the user is viewing, giving them the opportunity to instantly participate in that survey.

Viewing the Results

Once your members have participated in the survey, you can view the results.  From the Surveys Dashboard, you can easily see the number of participants.  Click on any single published survey to view its results.

Depending on which type the survey is, the results page will look different.  For example, a survey with a list of choices will display a graph of the results, while a survey requiring a single response from the member will display a list of their answers.


Closing the Survey

Once the survey is finished, you can click on the "Close Survey" button to close it out.

A confirmation box highlighted in a green border will display, indicating the completion of your survey.



Republishing a Survey

After a survey is closed, you can still view them by accessing the Surveys Dashboard.  If you'd like to reopen a closed survey, simply click on the survey, and then click "Republish Survey." 


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