Installing Google Chrome


Install Google Chrome on Windows:

1. Visit in any browser.

2. Click "Download Google Chrome." By downloading the installer file from this site, you can be sure that your version of Google Chrome will be kept updated with the latest features and security fixes.

3. Review the Terms of Service, then click "Accept and Install" to continue.

4. You may see a User Account Control message. In this case, allow the setup to run by clicking Yes.

5.  A "Welcome to Google Chrome" dialog appears once the installer file has been downloaded. Click Start Google Chrome in the dialog to complete the default installation.
Google Chrome automatically opens after the installation is completed.


Install Google Chrome on Mac:

1.  Visit in any browser.

2.  Click "Download Google Chrome."

3. Review the Terms of Service, then click "Accept and Install" to continue.

4. Open the file called "Google Chrome.dmg" after it downloads.

5. In the window that opens, drag the Google Chrome icon to the Applications folder. This installs Google Chrome for all user accounts on your computer.  (NOTE: If you don't have administrative rights, drag the icon to a location on your computer where you do have rights, such as your Desktop. Google Chrome will only be installed for your user account.)

6.  The first time you open the browser, the Finder will ask you to confirm that you want to open the application downloaded from the Internet. Click "Open" to continue.

7. Unmount the Google Chrome disk image on your Desktop by dragging it to the Eject icon on the Dock. Make sure you're dragging the disk image and not the Google Chrome application icon.

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