Managing Groups and Access Control

Now that you've mastered Tags, find out how to manage the groups that contain them.
The Groups feature is a dynamic and intuitive way to organize all of your users. Watch the video below to find out how this feature allows you to customize and assign preferences to different kinds of users, based on your team's needs and objectives.
Group Feature Walk-Through
To access the Groups feature, place your cursor on "Manage," then click on "Groups" in the drop-down menu.
Group Priority
From the Groups homepage, you can manage and view all of your existing groups.

Prioritizing your groups

Users will be sorted into groups based on the tags associated with their account. 

Once a user falls into a group, they will not be placed into any groups below that group, even if they meet a lower-ranked group's criteria.

As such, it is important to arrange your groups in order of importance, with the most important at the top and the least important at the bottom. 


Arranging your groups

When you first open your Groups page, the groups will be arranged based on two general rules:

  1. Groups with the most restrictions will be placed at the top of your list

  2. Groups with the most "Hub Access" will be placed near the top of your list

You can manually set the order of your Groups by clicking and dragging the blue icon next to the group.
Total Users and Actual Users

From the Groups homepage, each group will have two numbers associated with it: Total Users and Actual Users
  • Total Users shows the number of users in your Hub whose profiles contain the tags allowed in this group.

    **Note** The number of Total Users will often be higher than the number of Actual Users in a group due to the fact that a User may meet the tag requirements of multiple groups, some of which may be ranked higher than the one you are currently looking at.

  • Actual Users shows the number of people in the group, and will fluctuate depending on  the group's priority. 
Seeing your Total and Actual User count can help you manage your groups at a glance. 


Create A New Group

From the Groups homepage. click "New Group" to begin the process.
A pop-up will appear on your screen. From here, you will enter the name of the group, a brief description of the group, choose a color to associate with the group, and enable various Hub features. These features can be managed later using the Access Control feature.

Edit Your Group

To begin making edits to a specific group, click on the "Edit" link on the associated group.

From here, you can create/edit rules for your group and change the name, color, and description of your group.


Create A Rule
When you add tags to a group, you give all the users who have those tags in their profiles the ability to access all the features in the Hub that are check-marked in this group's Access Control section.

To create a new rule and add a tag, click "New Rule"

Next, click the arrow next to "Select User-Type," then choose the option that best. fits your objective.

From here, you can select the tag rule you would like to employ by clicking on the arrow next to "With any tags."

Finally, click and drag tags from the cloud on the right hand side of the page into the "Drop Tags Here" box. The tags will look something like this when you've added them to the rule:

If you select "Extra Options," you can define permissions even further by utilizing an "And/Or without the tags" option. Once you've clicked and dragged these tags onto the "Drop Tags Here" box, the rule will look something like this.


Access Control

Access Control works with the Groups feature by allowing you to customize which features are offered to the user groups you've created. The Hub has many useful and powerful features to offer to members, and Access Control puts you in control of how these features can best serve your business!

There are two ways to adjust the Access Control settings of a particular group:
Adjust Several Groups Simultaneously

To quickly update the Access Control settings on several groups, click on the "Manage" tab in the grey toolbar at the top of your page, then click "Access Control."

Two different sections separated by a dotted line will appear. Above the dotted line is shows all the user groups you've created. Beneath the dotted line, you will see all of the Hub features. Some user groups will already be grouped in the feature's box, based on the permissions set when the group was created.

You can add/remove permissions to a particular feature for each group by clicking and dragging the user groups into and out of each feature's section. You will know the group has been added when it appears in the box below the feature. If you are dragging the user group out of the feature box, you will know if you can delete it when you see see a trash icon in the lower right hand corner of the user group.


Adjust Groups Individually

To change the Access Control settings on one group in particular, it might be faster to go to the Groups homepage and click on the "Edit" button of that particular group.

Here you can change which Hub features it has permissions to access by checking and un-checking boxes in the Access Control Center on the right.


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