Managing Group Permissions to Reward Items

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Customer Success Advisor
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Your Dynamic Rewards Menu
When reward items are created or edited, businesses can choose which Groups can see them. For instance, if a business creates a reward for completing an orthodontic treatment, it can choose to show this reward only to members in their Orthodontic Group, as opposed to all members.
This flexibility enables businesses to create reward items specifically tailored to certain groups, which in turn gives businesses a more effective means of incentivizing behavior modification and achieving the business's marketing goals.
Adding & Editing Rewards
To manage these reward menu items, click on Manage in the grey toolbar at the top of your screen. Then, click on Reward Menu.
Now you're on the Reward Menu Manage screen, where you can create and edit all of your reward items and categories!
By clicking the "Add Reward Item" button or clicking the Edit link next to any of your current reward menu items, you will be taken to the Add Reward Item screen.
From here, you will be able to give permissions to certain groups to have access to the reward item you're creating/editing.

The colored boxes below these fields represent Groups that you have created (if you have not created a user group yet, click here to find out how). By checking/unchecking the boxes, you can set permissions for certain groups to have access to this reward item. You can also hover over the boxes to see more details about each of them, including their descriptions, features, and user counts.



Once you click Save, those groups will now be able to access this reward menu item!