STEP 1b. Get to Know the Hubbux USER Experience

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Navigating the Office Portal

USERS in the Hub award points, invite members to register for a rewards account, and use the tools in the Hub to recognize and engage rewards members.

There are two user roles in a Teams Hub: Owners and Admins. Both roles have full access to the Hub, so we will refer to both as admin-level users.

Here’s a quick introduction to helping your members register their accounts, and navigating the member profile: awarding points, sending recognition, and more.

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Logging into Hubbux as a USER:


Your Hub’s office portal can be accessed at

Username. If you are new to the Hub, you may have received your username and temporary password by email. If not, another admin in your Hub can help you with login information. Activity is tracked by user, so it’s important to use your own login information when using the Hub.

Password. You'll set your own password when you log into the User Hub for the first time. If you forget your password, any other admin can reset it for you.

Note: If you are also a User in a Patient Rewards Hub, you may use the same username but will need to log in and create a password for each account. Usernames can be edited in the User profile.

Adding and Finding Member Profiles


Add Members. If you have a large number of employees, you can upload a list of members to your Hub before you launch (see Step 2). Once your Hub has launched, add team members individually into your Hub by clicking the [Add Member] tab near the top of your screen, above your logo. You may also choose [Members] in the navigation bar at the top of your screen and then click the [+ Add New Member] button.

Find Members. To find existing member profiles, type a few letters of the team member's name in the Search bar and click on the correct result. You may also search for members from the [Members] tab in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

Tip: Use the filters in the [Members] tab to find members by tag or registration status.

Helping Members Register Rewards Accounts


Encouraging members to register their rewards accounts is one of the most important contributions you can make to the success of your rewards program. Without a registered account, members can't receive communication through the Hub, or earn participation rewards and some automatic rewards.

Emailing Invitations. Click the [Send Invite] button to email a personalized registration invitation to your member. Members who accept the emailed invitation can register in their desktop or mobile browser. Learn more

Connecting Rewards Cards. Click the [Connect Card] button and swipe the magnetic strip on the card through a card swiper, or type the rewards number. Members can use this rewards number to register in the Hubbux Rewards app or on your Hub's microsite. Note: Some Hubbux Teams programs do not include rewards cards, so this may not apply Learn more

Segmenting Members Using Tags

Segmenting Members Using Tags.gif  

Each member profile should have at least one tag. Tags segment members so that reward items and account permissions can be customized for different groups. Tags should be updated as a member's status changes. For example, change an employee's tag to INACTIVE to turn off their ability to earn and redeem points in their member account. Learn more

Awarding Points

5. Awarding Pointsgif.gif  

To award points to a member, navigate to the correct reward group and click the button next to the reward item. A '+' sign will appear to allow you to add comments, if desired. Click as many reward items as you'd like, even navigating between reward groups. Then click [Add Points] to add points to the member profile. Learn more

Tip: Besides encouraging members to register their rewards accounts, consistently awarding points is an important factor in the success of your rewards account.

Sending Recognition

6. Sending Recognitions.gif  

You can recognize team member birthdays, work anniversaries, and a job well done by clicking [Give Recognition] in a team member profile, or by navigating to [Manage > Recognitions]. 

Automated recognitions (+ points) for birthdays and annual anniversaries are activated in your Hub. In Step 2, you'll be instructed to review and edit as needed.

Viewing Orders

Viewing Orders.gif  

Redemptions for individual members are visible in their profile. Receipts will display the address entered or confirmed by the member at the time of redemption. Questions about orders fulfilled by our fulfillment team can be emailed to In-house rewards are to be fulfilled internally.

Prize fulfillment FAQs

Sending Messages

Sending Messages.gif  

Once a member has registered their account (and thus verified their email), you can send them messages through the Hub as an email or an in-app notification, or both.

Click the [Send Message] button and then choose your favorite template or start typing or formatting your message. Use the scheduler to send messages at a later time, or set a recurring message.



You've completed your introduction to Hubbux Teams!

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