Setting Up the Patient Rewards Hub Integration in Hubbux Teams

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Customer Success Advisor
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Your Hubbux Teams account is connected to your Patient Rewards Hub account allowing you to automatically award points based on achievements. 


Step 1: Integrations 

Navigate to Settings⚙️>Integrations. Click on Patient Rewards Hub. 


PRH integration main page.jpg


The connection is automatically set up for you. However, if you choose, you may click Account Admin to deactivate.




Step 2: Rewards

To manage the rewards associated with your Patient Rewards Hub, click Reward. From there, you will see all of your current and past reward integrations.


rewards main page.jpg


To add a new one, click Add. From here, you'll find a list of rewards to choose from. 


reward options.jpg

Click on the one you want to start customizing. Once open, create the Title and then fill out the Who, What, and When.  

set up.jpg



The integration comes with default points and messaging. Of course, you are able to customize!



To view or change the messaging simply click Communication and you'll see the image and email message. 


message body.jpg


Communication will go out via email and in-app messaging once the trigger is reached. You are able to customize the trigger in the When section. 




Once everything is set, click Activate

You'll be directed back to the main page to view or add more integrations. 👍

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