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Great teams deserve recognition! In the Hubbux app, it's easy for team members to give peer to peer shout outs. Here is a link to what it looks like for your members. 


As an admin, it's also super easy for you to give a shout out from your company to recognize a job well done.

To get started, go to Manage>Recognitions.




From here, you will see 3 options. Add, Feed, and Reports.


To add a new Recognition, click Add.




Follow the steps to create a special shout out.



who are you recognizing.jpg


First, choose who the Recognition is for.

Next, choose from one of our custom images or upload your own, and then write your message. It should be specific and detailed about why you want to recognize this person.


Once you are done, click Post.


Recognition saved.jpg


To keep track of which members are most active with giving and receiving recognitions along with other helpful data, please click on Reports.




There are 2 ways members can interact with posted recognitions.

1. Comments :speech_balloon:

Members can comment on recognition posts! Whether it’s a birthday message, a thank-you, or celebrating a special event, comments will deepen connections and build stronger relationships.

2. Reactions :grinning:

Members can express more with the entire emoji library for reactions. This allows for more nuanced and appropriate responses to every post.


Creating a culture of recognition is critical in any business. Engaged employees are happy employees, which leads to more satisfied clients!