STEP 3: Launch Your Hubbux Team Rewards & Recognition Program

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Customer Success Advisor
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You're Ready to Launch!

Now that you're familiar with how your MEMBERS and USERS will use the Hub (Step 1a and Step 1b), and have set up your Hub (Step 2), you're ready to launch your Hubbux Teams rewards and recognition program!

To help spread the word, we've prepared customized marketing collateral and some ideas for a launch party to build excitement. If you have a careers page on your website, you can add information about your rewards and recognition program to help with recruitment. Hubbux Teams is truly a win for everyone!


❏ Print Your Marketing Collateral

Customized marketing collateral will help you promote your program, including:

Program Guide. A guide to your rewards program designed to be handed out to team members at launch.

Announcement Flyer and Poster. An 8.5x11 flyer, and a 24x36 poster to introduce your new rewards program.

Your Growth & Success Advisor will send you a link to print-ready files so you can download them and have them printed in-house or at your favorite printer.

❏ Link to Your Hub's Microsite From Your Website

Let prospective team members know you have a rewards program by promoting it on the careers page of your website, then link this information to your Hub's microsite for easy access.
Your Growth & Success Advisor can assist you by coordinating the update to your website with the contact that you provide.

❏ Invite Your Members to Join

Register_a (1).png  
Invite your members to join your rewards program by:
  • Connecting a rewards card and handing it to them in person; and/or
  • Sending them an invitation via email by clicking the [Invite] button in the member's profile

If you have a large number of employees, you may have also chosen to request a "mass registration invitation" at launch. This is coordinated by our Growth & Success team. Please contact your Growth & Success Advisor if you're unsure of this process.

❏ Hold a Launch Event



Synergy-Corona.jpg Synergy-Houston Launch Decorations.jpg

Whether large or small, a launch event is a great way to introduce your rewards program to your team. 

Consider a theme and tie in decorations and treats to your theme. 

Is This a Surprise? If you plan to keep the news about your team rewards program secret until the day of your launch, be sure to let your Growth & Success Advisor know so we can coordinate when registration invitations go out to all of your team members.






Congratulations on launching your shiny new rewards and recognition program!

There's more to learn about managing your Hub post-launch to ensure you get great results. 

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