STEP 2: Set Up Your Hubbux Teams Hub

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Setting Up Your Teams Hub

There are a few important steps to complete before you launch your Hubbux Teams Hub, including adding Users and Members in your Teams Hub, connecting your social accounts, setting up your Patient Rewards Hub integration (if applicable) and adding payment information for redemption of prizes.

To keep your to-do list to a minimum, we've already added default reward items, automations, referral offers, and prizes in your Teams Hub. We encourage you to review these items in your Teams Hub before you launch to ensure they are aligned with the goals you have set for your rewards program.

All of this is outlined below, so let's get started!


❏ Add USERS (owners and admin-level users)

1. Add USERS (team member log-in).gif  

Users in the Hubbux Teams platform are those that will be awarding points and managing your Hub. Users can view all employee profiles, including rewards activity, so we recommend limiting the number of Users in your Hub.

To add Users, click on the logo button in the upper righthand corner and select Users.

Roles. Owners and Admins have full access to all of the features of the Hub, including Marketplace, referrals, leads, reviews, and member profiles. Learn more

Profile Photos. User photos appear in messaging, so it's good practice to use a friendly, professional photo in User profiles.

❏ Add MEMBERS (team member log-in)

2. Add MEMBERS (team member log-in).gif


-Data Export Import-100.jpg


Members in Hubbux Teams includes anyone that will be receiving points and recognition. Add members to your Hub before launch. 

Individually. To add team members individually in your Hub, click the [+ Add Member] tab that appears above your logo, or choose the [Members] tab in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Include a start date (if known) so the Hub will know when to automatically acknowledge work anniversaries.

By default, an invitation to register their account will be automatically emailed to individual team members as they are added to your Hub. You can turn this off my unchecking the box below their email address as they are added.

Data Export/Import. If you have a large number of employees, you may request an initial import of your data into your Hub prior to your launch date. A Support Specialist will reach out to you to coordinate the export/import of your employee data.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Growth & Success Advisor for more information.

gray horizontal line.png

Note: If you are awarding points as a USER and receiving points as a MEMBER, you may have two different Hubbux accounts.

Patient Rewards Hub Integration. If you integrate with the Patient Rewards Hub, you will also have a USER account in the patient Hub. You may choose to use the same username and password for both USER accounts. Usernames can be edited in the Profile tab of the User accounts.


gray horizontal line.png❏ Set Up Your Reviews and Social Integrations

3. Connect Your Social Accounts.gif



Easily encourage team members to review you on Indeed/Glassdoor, and follow you on social media by linking these sites to your Hub.

Reviews Integrations. Add a link to your Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google reviews sites so members can easily navigate and leave a review. To link your reviews sites to your Hub, click [Settings ⚙️ > Integrations] and then the [Connect] button to add your URL. Click here for more information: Indeed | Glassdoor | Google

Social Integrations. Encourage social follows by linking your Hub to Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Pinterest. To connect your social media accounts, click [Settings ⚙️ > Integrations]. There you will click on the respective social media platforms you wish to connect and follow the prompts to authorize the connection.

To automatically reward points for social follows, be sure to click in the Rewards section while connecting your accounts and follow the prompts to link.

For more detailed instructions, click on the following links: Facebook | Instagram

❏ Set Up Your Patient Rewards Hub Integration (if applicable)

Set Up Your Patient Rewards Hub Integration .gif



If you also have a Patient Rewards Hub, you can automatically reward team members for their contribution to the success of your patient rewards program.

To set up automatic rewards, visit [Settings ⚙️ > Integrations] and choose Patient Rewards Hub, then click on [Rewards] > [+ Add]. You'll find a full automation template library to create automatic team rewards.

We recommend that you choose 3-4 to begin, and then keep your team engaged by adding additional rewards later on. Learn more

❏ Update Social Media Settings

Update Social Media Settings.gif  

Once your social media accounts have been linked in your Hub, you can set up notifications for new program activities (contests, surveys, reviews and referral campaigns) to post to your social accounts. By default they also notify members within the Hub. To edit social settings, click [Settings ⚙️ > Social Media]. Use the toggle buttons to turn auto posts on or off, and then [Edit Default Channels] to set which channels you'll use to communicate.

❏ Add Payment Info for Redemptions

4. Add Payment Info for Redemptions.gif  

Add payment information into your Hub if you intend to offer prizes that will be fulfilled by our Fulfillment Center. Members will receive an error message while attempting to redeem their points for prizes until a valid credit card is on file in your Hub.

Visit [Account > Billing Information > Change Credit Card] to update your payment information and turn on redemption.

gray horizontal line.png

❏ Double Check the Defaults

Your Hub has been set up with default rewards, automations, Hub prizes, and a standard referral campaign to make it easy to get started. However, the way in which you reward and communicate with your team is a reflection of your work culture, and so we encourage you to take a few moments to review the following settings in your Hub.

Review and Edit Your Rewards Menu

5. Review and Edit Your Rewards Menu.gif  

To customize your Reward Menu and align it with your business goals, click on Manage>Reward Menu. Within the Reward Menu, you can edit existing rewards categories and add new ones. Review and edit the reward items within each category to reflect the behaviors that drive the desired outcomes.

Learn more

Review Automations and Edit As Needed

6. Review Automations and Edit As Needed_PRH.gif  

Automations are available in your Hub to streamline your rewards program and enhance team member engagement. These Automations enable you to automate the process of awarding points and sending communications to your members for various actions, such as account registration, mobile app download, profile photo upload, reviews, birthday/work anniversary messages, and more.

We have already activated some of the Automations for you, but it’s important to review and customize them to align with your specific preferences. You can also add additional Automations and create QR codes as needed to further enhance your program’s effectiveness. Simply select Manage > Automations to get started. Learn more

Review and Edit Your Standard Referral Offer

7. Review and Edit Your Standard Referral Offer.gif  

Your standard referral campaign has been activated for you with minimal rewards (50 points for the member and 50 points for the invitee). This is equivalent to a $5 referral award, so it is likely you'll want to increase this to sufficiently incentivize for referrals. Keep in mind that these points are not awarded until you have converted a new lead to a new team member, so your return on this type of referral is 100%. Learn more

Review and Edit Hub Prizes and Add In-House Prizes

8. Review and Edit Hub Prizes and Add In-House Prizes.gif  

To review and manage the prizes available for your team members, select [Manage > Prizes]. Review the options provided by our Fulfillment Center, which will be shipped directly to your members on your behalf. Additionally, you have the option to add your own in-house prizes to the list. Learn more



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