STEP 3: Launch Your New Patient Rewards Program

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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You're Ready to Launch!

Now that you're familiar with how your MEMBERS and USERS will use the Hub (Step 1a and Step 1b), and have set up your Hub (Step 2), you're ready to launch your patient rewards program!

To help spread the word, we've prepared customized marketing collateral and some ideas for a launch party to build excitement. Add information about your rewards program to your website so that patients – and prospective patients – learn about your rewards program. The Patient Rewards Hub is truly a win for everyone!


❏ Print Your Marketing Collateral

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Customized marketing collateral will help you promote your program, including:

Program Guide. A guide to your rewards program designed to be handed out to your rewards members as you invite them to your program.

Announcement Flyer and Poster. An 8.5x11 flyer, and a 24x36 poster to introduce your new rewards program.

Reviews, Referrals, and Social Media Flyers. 8.5x11 flyers to use in-office to encourage your rewards members to earn points for things that help your business grow.

Social Media Post. A digital file you can post to your social media to announce your rewards program.

Your Growth & Success Advisor will send you a link to print-ready files so you can download them and have them printed in-house or at your favorite printer.

❏ Link to Your Hub's Microsite From Your Website

Let prospective patients know you have a rewards program by promoting it on the home page of your website. Then link this information to your Hub's microsite for easy access. 
Your Growth & Success Advisor can assist you but coordinating the update to your website with the contact you provide.

❏ Invite Your Members to Join


Invite your members to join your rewards program by:
  • Connecting a rewards card and handing it to them in person; and/or
  • Sending them an invitation via email by clicking the [Invite] button in the member's profile
  • Having a registration invitation emailed to all of your members at once. This can be coordinated by your Growth & Success Team as part of the launch of your new Hub.

❏ Promote Your Rewards Program on Social

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Visit Marketplace and simplify the process of scheduling and engaging social media posts and effectively manage your online presence. Whether you prefer to create original content or select from the extensive content library, this feature empowers you to maintain and active and exciting social media presence. Search "Patient Rewards Hub" in Marketplace to find relevant content.

Learn more

❏ Hold a Launch Event



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Whether large or small, a launch event is a great way to introduce your rewards program to your members. We've had offices launch with treats placed next to a poster-sized announcement poster decorated with balloons and streamers, and others who have held launch parties with food trucks, bouncy houses and photo booths. No matter what way you launch, your members will be excited to be rewarded. 
Follow these helpful tips to ensure it is a smooth process:
Plan Your Launch Event. Decide on the date when you want to go live with your rewards program and begin building anticipation among your audience.
Utilize In-Office Signage. Decorate your office with eye-catching signage that highlights the rewards program. Display the provided marketing collateral in prominent areas to grab the attention of your patients or customers. 
Engage on Social Media. Leverage the power of social media to spread the word about your launch party. Create engaging and informative posts across your social media platforms to generate interest and build excitement.
Create a Countdown. Build anticipation by creating a countdown on your social media platforms. Post regular updates highlighting the number of days or weeks left until the launch of your rewards program. This combination of offline and online promotion will help attract attendees and make your launch event a success.

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Congratulations on launching your shiny new rewards program!

There's more to learn about managing your Hub post-launch to ensure you get great results. 

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