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Customer Success Advisor
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Registering a new account in the Hub is easy!


If you give each member a rewards card, direct them to the mobile app or website to start the registration process by typing in the rewards number. NewAccount-Support_Article_Image-1.png

If you did not give the member a card and they are self-registering, they can click "I Never Received a Number or Code". Note, this needs to be completed on your customized member portal online and cannot be done in the mobile app.




If you send an email invitation, they can simply click "Accept" to be taken directly to the registration page. Click here for step by step instructions.


Invite Email sml.gif


From there, they may choose which method they would like to use to complete registration. Members can sign up using their email address, Facebook account, Google account, or Apple ID. 


For parents who need to use the same email address for all of their children, please click "Use my parent/guardian's email" and enter the email address. 



Once registration is complete members will be able to go to their account to start earning rewards!