Linking Pinterest to the Rewards Hub


Over 200 million people come to Pinterest every month looking to discover new ideas and products. Help them discover and learn more about you by utilizing the Hub-Pinterest connection! 

In this article, we'll cover how to: 

  • Connect your Pinterest Account
  • Direct Posts to your Pinterest Boards
  • Create your "Follow us on Pinterest" incentive

As an added benefit, if you prefer to see these steps live, you can register for a quick 15-minute webinar here in which we will review:

  1. Leveraging Pinterest for Business
  2. Connecting your Hub to Pinterest
  3. Creating a "Follow us on Pinterest" campaign
  4. Pushing Social Media Manager content to your Pinterest boards

Now let's connect the Hub! 


Connect your Pinterest Account

First, head to the Social Media Manager by placing your cursor over the "Manage" tab, and then clicking "Social Media Manager" in the drop down menu. 


From the Social Media Manager's main page, click the "Settings."


Check the box above the Pinterest icon.


This will bring up a pop-up allowing you to login to Pinterest. When entering this information, make sure to login with the email and password for the Pinterest account that your business uses.



Direct Posts to your Pinterest Boards

Once you are on the Pinterest settings page, you can tell Social Media Manager which kinds of posts should appear on which of your Pinterest boards.

Start by clicking on the "Settings" link below the Pinterest icon.


Next, drag and drop the category tags on the right into your Pinterest boards boards on the left.   

If there are any category tags that you would like to leave unassociated, simply leave them in the Categories bubble at the right. 

Going forward, if you move a category tag to a new board, future content in that category will show up on the new board, but previously posted content will need to be transferred manually onto your Pinterest account. 


Create your Incentive

Now that your boards are setup, it's time to build your Pinterest audience by giving your Hub visitors a reason to follow you! 

Create the "Follow Us on Pinterest" reward item by clicking on "Manage" followed by "Reward Menu" then the "+ Add Reward Item" button.


Type "Follow us on Pinterest" in the first field, select the "Practice Promotions - Automatically Awarded" reward group from the drop-down menu, then enter the number of points you would like each person to receive. 


Once everything looks good, click "Save!" 


Next, jump to the Access Control Page and drag and drop each group into the Pinterest section. Once this is achieved, visitors to the Hub will be able to see it in their Earn Points section! 


And lastly, return to your Pinterest settings page to attach the reward item that you just created. Simply click the "Select Reward Item" button at the bottom of the page, then use the drop-down menus to attach the reward.



And that's it!

You've successfully connected your Pinterest account and linked your Social Media Manager categories to your Pinterest boards. 

Now you can go tell your users that there's a new way to see and share news about your office using the flyers and social media post graphics provided below!




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