Linking Pinterest to Patient Rewards Hub


Pinterest is a powerhouse of shareable content, which makes it a great way to quickly spread your message to the right audiences. 

To setup your connection to Pinterest in the Hub, all you have to do is: 

  • Step 1: Connect your Pinterest Account
  • Step 2: Direct Posts to your Pinterest Boards

Connect your Pinterest Account

First, head the Social Media Manager by placing your cursor over the "Manage" tab, and then clicking "Social Media Manager" in the drop down menu. 


From the Social Media Manager's main page, click the "Settings."


Check the box above the Pinterest icon.


This will bring up a pop-up allowing you to login to Pinterest. When entering this information, make sure to login with the email and password for the Pinterest account that your business uses.



Direct Posts to your Pinterest Boards

Once you are on the Pinterest settings page, you can tell Social Media Manager which kinds of posts should appear on which of your Pinterest boards

Start by clicking on the "Settings" link below the Pinterest icon.


Next, drag and drop the category tags on the right into your Pinterest boards boards on the left.   

If there are any category tags that you would like to leave unassociated, please drag them to the "Don't Post" section at the bottom of the page. 

Going forward, if you move a category tag to a new board, future content in that category will show up on the new board, but previously posted content will need to be transferred manually on your Pinterest account. 



The Pinterest feature is all set up. You've connected your Pinterest account and linked your boards to categories. Now you can go tell your users that there's a new way to see and share news about your office!

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