Fulfilling a Contest


Once a contest is concluded, you can choose its winner and fulfill their prize in just a few seconds. 

Start by clicking on the "Contest History" button at the top right of the Contest Dashboard. 


On this page, you will find a list of all your concluded contests, as well as a key at the top right to help you quickly identify which contests require action.


Click on a red contest to open it up. 


Select a winner from the list of participants. 


Click "Yes" to confirm that you would to select this participant as the winner.

Click "No" to return to the contest's page and choose a different participant.


After you click "Yes," you will be able to fulfill the winner's prize immediately by clicking the "Fulfill Now" button.


If you would prefer to fulfill the prize later, you can choose the "Later" option instead.

This is ideal if your winner will need to come into the office to claim their in-office prize.


When you are ready to fulfill the prize, simply click on contest, followed by "Fulfill Prize." 




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