Merging Staff and Staff-Patient Profiles


Good news! 

If you created patient accounts for your staff members so that you could loop your team into the fun of the Hub, you can now merge those patient profiles with their matching staff profiles with just the click of a button. 

The benefits to this are many. Not only will admins be able to award points directly to staff profiles, but the following will apply as well:

  1. Staff members will not be able to see other staff profiles and/or give points to them.
  2. Staff members will not be able to see other staff or admin points on the Hub's activity feed.
  3. Admins will not be able to give points to themselves.

And perhaps best of all, staff members will still be able to experience all the fun of the Hub by logging into the patient side and participating in the contests, surveys, and more! All they will need are the same login credentials they use on 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started! 


Jump to the Profile Merger

Once you log into the Hub as an admin, click this link to jump directly to the Profile Merger page. (Or copy and paste this URL into your browser:



Combine Accounts

To merge patient accounts into staff accounts, simply click the "Combine" button beneath each pair of accounts provided on this page. 


Occasionally, you may see that more than one patient account has been discovered. This is because they all contain a name matching that of your staff member.

To ensure that you combine the right accounts, please double check the tags on each patient profile. They should say "Employee" or something similar, if they were indeed a staff-patient account.


Once accounts are combined successfully, a green "Combined" notification will appear. 



Nice work! 

Now you can refresh the page, and search for your staff members using the Find bar. On each account (except for your own), you will now see an "Add Points" tab, and be able to award points to your staff members directly on their staff profiles. 





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