Creating a Sweet Swap: Exchanging Candy for Points in the Hub

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Customer Success Advisor
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Did you know that the average trick-or-treater consumes 3.4 pounds of candy on Halloween? That's the same as eating 13 Big Macs or 3 cups of raw sugar! To balance out this intake, a child would need to trick or treat for 180 miles more or walk for 2.5 days without ever stopping.


They could donate their candy to your Halloween Candy Swap.

Here's a short guide on how to set one up in your Hub! 


Create a Candy Swap Reward Item 

Start by heading over to your Reward Menu and creating a new reward item in the Hub titled something like "Candy Buy Back," "Sweets Swap," or "Trick or Treat and Trade." If you need a little help with creating a new reward item, checkout our article here


Tell the World!  

Now that your reward item is created, it's time to inform your sugar-happy users that they can get points for brining their candy to your office!

There's three great ways to do this in the Hub: 

  1. Create a Mass-Message with Communication Manager
    Let your users know about your candy exchange via email and in-app notifications by sending out a fun, simple message. Here's an article explaining how!


  2. Make a Facebook, Twitter, and Hub Announcement with Social Media Manager
    Reach the broadest audiences possible by posting the news of your upcoming Sweet Swap on social media! If you need help with adding content, check out this article or the "Adding Your Own Content" video here.


  3. Invite Users to Guess How Much Candy You'll Get with the Guessing Jar Contest
    Get even more engagement by inviting users to make guesses on how much candy your business will receive during the exchange. Setup your Guessing Jar contest today by logging into your Hub account and clicking here.


Here are some great graphics you can use in your announcements and social media posts. We also recommend printing out a few posters for your office.