Verifying Emails in the Hub


The Rewards Hub is your business's greatest engagement tool. It's our goal to help you connect with the right people at the right time.

As such, to help your team ensure that your members are receiving communications from your office, we've developed two easy ways for your members to verify their emails!


Method 1: Update the Email and Verify Immediately

As soon as a user or a staff member manually adds a new email address to a member's profile, the member will immediately receive a verification request in their inbox. 


All the member has to do is open the message and click the link to confirm that their email was entered correctly. They do not even have to login! 


Method 2: Click Link to Re-Send Verification Request

If you come across a profile that contains an email in either the Primary Email field or the Responsible Party Email field that has not yet been verified, you can click the link in the alert at the top of their profile to have a new verification request sent to them immediately. 


As soon as the member receives the verification request in their inbox, all they have to do is click the link inside to confirm that that is their true email. 



Why is it important to verify?

There are a number of reasons for why it's a great idea to encourage members to verify their accounts, chief among them being that it will ensure they receive a message if: 

  • One of your staff sends them a direct message through their profile
  • Your business sends out a mass-alert about an upcoming event or contest

Members without verified emails will only receive standard system alerts confirming password resets, redemptions, and appointments.


What if the account does not have an email?

If you come across a profile that is missing an email, it will show the following alert:


An account without an email will not receive any emails at all from your Hub. As such, we recommend asking the user to provide their email as soon as they can. 

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